What To Expect

What to Expect during your shoot with Triton’s Daughters

The Triton’s Daughters Mermaid Experience!

When you book your shoot with Triton’s Daughters, we set up a time to have a chat about the look you want – some girls prefer beautiful angelic mermaids, and some love a sinful siren in a more mysterious style luring sailors to their deaths!

We talk about any questions you have on the look you are trying to achieve. We want your experience to be effortless to be the mermaid you dream to be.

These are taken here in our studio – not underwater! We have lots of fabulous costumes, accessories and props to choose from or bring your own. Afterwards, our team gets to work on creating an amazing digital image for you to cherish with your family and friends.

The shoot itself is very quick as most of the work goes into the extensive editing afterwards. In just a few short weeks, we create a fantasy image Triton knows you will love.

We create all kinds of Mermaids, even Mermen! We also do mother and child mermaids or just child mermaids…even maternity! Triton’s Daughters covers it all!

Please call us to book today –512-689-7297