Frequently Asked Questions

Can you walk wearing a mermaid tail?

No, you can’t walk with the mermaid tails because they are too heavy to carry or walk with, and for this reason, we offer our client tail-free shoots. The tail would be developed after a photoshoot with graphics.

Do we have to go underwater swimming for the photoshoot?

No, Triton’s Daughters have introduced no underwater photography. In these shoots, your portraits will be captured in the studio, and our graphics and development team will work their magic.

Do you entertain at parties and events?

Yes, we love to entertain and shoot dry parties. Due to our expertise in “no underwater photography,” we can come over to entertain you at your place.

How do I style my hair?

To get the best look, your hair should be styled with some curls, the more the better! Also, it’s a good idea to use a generous amount of hair spray to hold the hair together.

Can I wear a wig?

Sure; halos, extensions and full wigs all work great as long as there is some curls.

How do I do my make-up?

Natural looking make-up seems to work best. We have found that bright colors and sparkles do not photograph as well. But you are welcome to come with the look you feel suits you the best.

Can I bring my own top?

Sure, you are welcome to bring any top you like. We can discuss it in your pre-call to make sure it will work with the look you are trying to achieve.

Do I need a tail?

No, we add the tail during our extensive editing.

Can I wear jewelry?

Earrings and necklaces can look great if not too distracting. If you have a statement piece, let’s talk about it and see if it will work. However, leave your apple watch at home.

What do I do if I have short hair?

We can do short hair, but you will not be able to get the angelic look unless we add a wig or artificial hair during editing. This is YOUR shoot so you can express your inner mermaid anyway you like.

Do I have to get in a pool?

No, this is a splash-less mermaid photography shoot. No pool needed; we don’t even have one.

Can I do my shoot topless?

Triton’s Mermaids is a family friendly company, but we do allow topless, tasteful mermaid photography. A female assistant is present during all photoshoots for your comfort and safety.

What do I wear to my mermaid shoot?

We suggest you wear loose fitting clothing such as exercise/sweatpants or shorts. Try not to wear anything to tight or restricting so you do not make marks on your skin for the best results.